Things you need to know about bicycles before buying one

Do you love outdoor sports? Same as running, biking is among the most popular activities. No wonder: no matter if you are into extreme mountain biking or prefer low-speed bike walks in a park, you can still get a lot of new impressions and share your activity with your family and friends. The majority of people enjoyed biking as kids but did not do much of it as adults. However, if you decide to get back to this exciting activity and buy a new bicycle, you should know some important facts about them before the purchase. This blog will help you to make the right choice.

The first thing for you to know is what types of bicycles there are. There exist lots and lots of them, but the basic four are:

  • Mountain bikes. They are rugged and meant for off-road use. So, if you are going to bike only on the pavement, you should not overpay for them.
  • Road bikes. These are bicycles for riding around the city. They can reach good speed.
  • Hybrid bikes. Such bikes are a cross between the previous two types. They are not as rugged as mountain bikes and not as fast as road bikes, but good for commuting.
  • Cruisers. These are regular bike most people choose for walks.

You don’t have to study each component of a bike, but some features can add to the price. When looking for a bike, bear in mind the following factors that can cost more:

  • Full suspension, hardtail or no suspension: full-suspension bikes (front and rear shocks) are more expensive, but also offer a smoother ride.
  • Carbon vs. aluminium: lightweight carbon frames show good performance but cost more.
  • Electric vs. regular. Electric bikes are cool but are much more expensive
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